Lesser Known Ritter Sport Chocolate Flavors

Ritter Sport: A treat so tasty, people are willing to overlook the irony in putting the word “sport” anywhere near a chocolate bar. By creating inspired, delicious tasting combinations, Ritter Sport has stood above the rest of the German chocolate companies for this American. Whether it is coconut, chocolate mousse, or wild berry yogurt, you’re sure to find a Ritter Sport you love- or hate. Because for every coconut, chocolate mousse, or wild berry yogurt, there’s also a buttermilk lemon, cornflakes, or tortilla chips. Why, God? Why tortilla chips? In Germany?



But did you know there are other flavors which didn’t make the cut? Well! I am pleased to share with you a list of some of the little known Ritter Sport flavors- enjoy! PS Ritter Sport- If any of these are made, I have my eye on you.


berlin skyline

Not actually filled with jelly, but rather filled with spit, cigarette butts, mate, and curry. Fun fact- a small percentage of the price of other flavors actually goes towards making this one! Comes pre-divided in the packaging.

Porsche Cayenne

Spicy, yet satisfying! Sadly has up to 30 times the labelled calories (15 highway).

Peanut Butter

“C’mon, Germany- I saw chocolate with CHILI PEPPER in it, and you won’t put peanut butter in a chocolate bar?! This is a combination as old as time!” –Every American in Germany Ever

Oktoberfest (Beer, Brezel, and Weißwurst)


Very popular in Bavaria, not so much elsewhere in Germany. However, everyone worldwide will insist this is THE defining flavor of the country. Comes in a leather package.


Limited edition! Must be reserved online at least 4 months in advance and prepared at home. Be sure to buy more than one- odds are good you’ll need them.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Promotional bar that did not do well in English speaking markets after being renamed with the literal translation.



Very popular in the winter season but immediately takes a dip as soon as everyone remembers they didn’t like it in the first place. Actually production was stopped on this in 1995, they’ve just been reusing the remaining bars from that production cycle.


Only the finest cocoa beans are chosen, delicately prepared, cooked to perfection, and then mixed with a kilo of mayonnaise.


A flavor which no one really likes, but will defend anyway. Expected to be extremely successful in a few months and then lose interest.

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