5 Haikus About Germany


The haiku. An elegant form of poetry used to take complex, difficult concepts and break them down into 17 delicate syllables. From Basho to Buson to Pound, the artistic brevity of the haiku has been used to describe many things- and now expat life in Germany. Come, and enjoy the poetic musings of the next haiku master, Schorschi.

German Food
German food is great
I like salt and lard on pork
And no spicy taste

Train Ticket
I’ve no train ticket
Just a Berlin tourist
Since 5 years ago

Our team is the best!
No one can possibly beat-
Oh. Maybe next time…

Cash or Credit
Can I pay by card?
Of course not in Germany!
Home of E.C.B.

Yes, I am British!
I’ll be skipping the visa!
Shit- Brexit. Now what?

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2 thoughts on “5 Haikus About Germany

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean
    you don’t have any ice?
    Warm soda please.


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