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George Schorschi’s Guide to German Cuisine: Holiday Edition


It’s that time again- gather with loved ones, reflect on joys and sorrows of the year, and partake in traditional foods passed down from generation to generation. Or maybe you’re a million miles from home like me and eating canned food by single candle flame as the German winter chips away at your holiday spirit. Either way, food is involved! And since the last article was so popular (the videos not so much), here’s the long awaited follow up with a seasonal twist. So kick back, turn on “Dinner for One”, and enjoy yet another take on German cuisine!

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The Do’s and Don’t’s of German Christmas Markets


It’s that time of year again! Yes, the time when artisanal market stalls sprout up in the middle of busy German cities and people drunk on Glühwein stumble in front of oncoming trams. And who can blame them? In just a few weeks, January will be here and then people will be stumbling in front of oncoming trams because of the weather[1]. Truly, the Christmas Markets of Germany are a magical place.

Never been? You should! And if you’re nervous about making a fool of yourself, not to worry- here’s a list of do’s (and don’t’s) for the German Christmas Markets.

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