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Odds for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Ridiculousness


Alright, Europe! It’s almost time for the event of the year, EUROVISION 2017! Last year’s tumultuous event was full of shocking moments that left many fans stunned- except, of course, for my dear readers who were prepared for pretty much anything thanks to the handy betting odds I made. So what can we expect this time around? More chaos? More craziness? MORE WIND MACHINES?! Read on to find out more.

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Odds for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Ridiculousness


Get ready, Europe (and Australia, somehow)! This Saturday it’s time for EUROVISION, that magical TV event where only the best performers from the continent get together to honor the ancient gods of music, ABBA. If you haven’t seen it before- it’s a bit like American Idol, except instead of having to impress three judges you have to impress the entire European population. Each group represents their country and then patiently waits in the “VIP Lounge” for the scores to come in. Who will win? Well you can find the odds for that here– but WHO CARES?! The real reason we watch Eurovision is for the ridiculousness which comes with it. And so, for that reason, I present to you the odds for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Ridiculousness!

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