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5 Haikus About Germany


The haiku. An elegant form of poetry used to take complex, difficult concepts and break them down into 17 delicate syllables. From Basho to Buson to Pound, the artistic brevity of the haiku has been used to describe many things- and now expat life in Germany. Come, and enjoy the poetic musings of the next haiku master, Schorschi.

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Should I Go to the German Doctor? A Chart

Getting sick is never great, and neither is hauling yourself out of bed to go to the doctor. In Germany it gets a lot more fun- especially when the default solution seems to always be homeopathic! Heck, you might as well just stay in bed! But how do you navigate this difficult decision? Fortunately for you, I’ve made a handy chart which should help!

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“Immigrant” vs “Expat”: Coming to Terms



The world we live in is getting increasingly smaller. Whether it’s your shoes made in China, your power produced in Norway, or your phone “designed” in California, globalization is an increasingly apparent fact with which some people are now struggling. Because with that globalization comes people moving between borders and the internationalization of our cultures. Immigration is a hot button issue for many, but why is it okay for certain people to live abroad? Don’t the same rules apply? I’ve written before about my opinion regarding the terms “immigrant” vs “expat”– and this is how I imagine the argument would go.

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George Schorschi’s Guide to German Cuisine: Part 1


When I first moved to Germany, I made a promise that each time I went to the supermarket or went to dinner, I would try something new. While that has led to some very interesting experiences (mostly involving the discovery that apparently in Germany, all you need to make a food is a noun and the word “salat” after it), it’s also lead to the discovery of some favorites- and some mistakes. Here’s a few of each.

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Both Sides of the Fence: Confessions of an Immigrant

 Lately it seems that the big concern in Europe and the USA has been immigration. It is a significant and divisive issue which seemingly everyone, from the most educated on the matter to the least[1], has an opinion on. The truth of the matter is that immigrants are people which are looking for a better life (or at least the chance for one) in another country. The complaint of the anti-immigrant crowd that they are all criminals trying to steal our jobs or rape and murder is incorrect and unjust. How do I know this? Because I used to be part of the anti-immigrant crowd.

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