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Your German Easter Schedule


If there’s one thing Germany knows, it’s the importance of holidays. On these “Feiertagen” you might mistake what used to be a busy Altstadt street for a set off the newest season of “The Walking Dead: Europe” (might even find a few Walkers/drunks, depending on the holiday!). But when it’s Easter- the country basically shuts down for four days. So what can you do as a poor foreigner looking for something to ease the boredom? Read on!

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George Schorschi’s Guide to German Cuisine: Holiday Edition


It’s that time again- gather with loved ones, reflect on joys and sorrows of the year, and partake in traditional foods passed down from generation to generation. Or maybe you’re a million miles from home like me and eating canned food by single candle flame as the German winter chips away at your holiday spirit. Either way, food is involved! And since the last article was so popular (the videos not so much), here’s the long awaited follow up with a seasonal twist. So kick back, turn on “Dinner for One”, and enjoy yet another take on German cuisine!

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5 More Haikus About Germany


After the massive success of my last haiku blog (and because I’m behind on posting new content- read: Pokemon Go), here are a few more haikus about Germany for your enjoyment. Also, in order to set the mood, please play the following video in the background while you read.

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Santa’s Other Reindeer


Hey kids!

You know Santa’s reindeer, right? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen? Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen? Well I bet you know Rudolph- The guy even has his own song![1] Yes indeed, Santa has nine trusty reindeer to help pull his sleigh all across the world, delivering presents to the good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.

But did you know that Santa has other reindeer as well? They… don’t get out much. Only to be used in rare circumstances, these are the reindeer Santa Claus keeps around for the worst case scenario.

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