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George Schorschi’s 4 New Stages of Culture Shock


As any good expat should know before living abroad, there are four commonly accepted stages of culture shock. These are:

  1. Honeymoon Stage, where everything is just awesome
  2. Negotiation Stage, where everything is not as awesome as before
  3. Adjustment Stage, where nothing is awesome
  4. Adaptation Stage, where you realize awesome is a relative term and there’s still plenty to love

But what if there are more than just these four stages? It’s my humble opinion that the concept of culture shock is a little outdated. And after having spent quite some time as a foreigner in a strange land, I hereby propose four new stages for your consideration.

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Your German Easter Schedule


If there’s one thing Germany knows, it’s the importance of holidays. On these “Feiertagen” you might mistake what used to be a busy Altstadt street for a set off the newest season of “The Walking Dead: Europe” (might even find a few Walkers/drunks, depending on the holiday!). But when it’s Easter- the country basically shuts down for four days. So what can you do as a poor foreigner looking for something to ease the boredom? Read on!

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German Passive Aggression: A Guide for Expats


Germany is a beautiful country, renowned for its economic prowess and success. Living here as a foreigner has been a true privilege- I have enjoyed many benefits such as sick leave, fantastic vacation plans, clean streets and more. I also realize that such benefits do not come without cost. Indeed, such a wonderful utopia could not exist without strict rules that dictate how society should thrive. And what does any good German* do when they witness an individual violating such a rule? React with passive aggression, of course! But if you’re an immigrant like me and haven’t quite mastered it yet- don’t worry! This handy guide will have you silently seething in no time.
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Make Your Own Expat Leaving Letter


Living abroad comes with its own unique adventures, such as finding an apartment, trying different foods, embracing foreign culture, etc. It’s a big reason why expats tend to stick together and share their experiences. But if you’ve ever been a part of an expat group, there’s one experience which you quickly become aware of- and that’s going away parties for when someone decides to leave. After having been to several in a month I can safely say that it’s never easy telling everyone about your decision. That’s why I’ve crafted this handy letter for when you decide to leave your expat friends behind! Please feel free to use it whenever you like.

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George Schorschi’s Tips for Flying International


As any seasoned international traveler can tell you, flying sucks- and it isn’t getting better.  Times have changed since “Home Alone 2”: Macaulay Culkin is no longer adorable, the idea that Donald Trump is someone you’d take direction from is laughable, and you can’t show up 30 minutes prior to your departure and still expect to board. Airlines have decided that flying is an experience everyone can have, but with the caveat that you are no longer people but rather cargo. And guess what? As long as you keep looking to pay the lowest price possible that isn’t going to change! So when you plan your upcoming international flight, keep these tips in mind to make the best of it.

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